Thursday, July 29, 2010

Monocle World Metros: We're #22!

So I got my latest edition of Monocle magazine, and was pleasantly surprised and puzzled by Monocle ranking of Portland al;ong side such cities as Muchen, Geneva, Vancouver BC and Kyoto as one of the world's most inviting metropolis.

To be sure, Portland is tops on livability- if you are employed and making a good median wage for your profession. You can reinvent yourself, and newcomers have high levels of education. The farming sector is thriving here, and enjoy excellent support. We have a direct connection to Asia and Europe, and are enjoying modest investments from German and Scandinavian countries. We have Mayor Adams, who is devoted the city and has taken the mantle of responisbiliy for the metro area. To incorporate and start a business here is quick, efficient and of low cost. Environmental responsibility is very key here, with people walking the walk instead of merely talking about it.

However, wages are low, outright stagnant in some cases. The cost of living has risen; and Portland metro area is going a time of very high unemployment. There is a huge disconnect between Portland Metro and the rest of the state that can be contentious, and the city was incredibly unfair to ask working class Oregonians of all backgrounds to fund, via taxes, condo and co-ops for rich while forgoing funding for the schools.

Despite these issues, people are happy to be here. I wonder about the issues in the other metros that are listed in Monocle.

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