Thursday, June 17, 2010

Oil Spillage

I have not blogged about the oil spill because the reports kept changing, so I did not know what to believe, and this whole nightmare is the stuff of what I used to worry about in college over 12 years ago. Things like out ruthless, heedless consumption, and the junkie like dependence on crude oil to satisfy that consumption. All the shitty, tacky tat sold as clothing this past decade, plus the far flung imported foods, the overwhelming amounts of plastics, and the continuing sacrifice of our men and women in uniform for what looks like energy concerns is coming to a head: the explicit poisoning of our Gulf.

This slow death had been going on in the Gulf for a very long time now, but as long it is was a little at a time, invisible, not noticeable, then people ignored what was going on.

Now, it cannot be ignored.

We need to acknowledge our dependence on oil. We need to be leaders again as a country and develop ways to have transport and mobility with cleaner and less posionous sources of energy. And we need to support alternative development of plastics and films so that our sanitary standards can remain #1.

In doing my research for my film, it been becoming apparent to me that our lives are just as engineered as any machine- towards one way of mobility, transport and consumption. We are now at the point where we must re-engineer our lives and find a better way.

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