Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My birthday and accomplishments PLUS a new discovery

I did not forget about this blog- I have been busier than a worker bee making my documentary come to fruition. The research and preproduction part has been longer, and more fruitful, than what I expected. And then, working on several ideas for scripts for both screen and stage has taken up my month quite nicely.

I had my birthday on the 16th, and I realized that if only I left behind my scripts without production, that would be accomplishment enough. But I think that I have it in me to see at least one play placed into production by the end of the year, and to have my documentary short done by spring of next year. Pretty nice.

Now, on to the discoveries:

1) I Want Your Love: A short film by Travis Matthews. I recently discovered it while clicking away at the Gawker blog. It's an indie film (what the NYT critics would called mumblecore) that turns erotic pretty quickly. The framing and lighting is extremely well done- I was rather envious, actually. And the beginning script dialogue was extremely well done. If you want to see it, here is the link. WARNING: THERE IS EXPLICIT HOMOEROTIC SEX SCENES.

2) One of the leads from the movies, Brendan Shucart- a handsome, engaging fellow. Quite compelling. Here is his website: http://hiimicarus.blogspot.com/. I need to have him read for me for a project I want to work on.

3) And me: is it weird that I can watch an erotic film, and think about framing and lighting and dialogue? Even if it was straight erotica, I am still thinking framing. I need to stop.

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