Saturday, June 27, 2009

Michael Jackson and Transformers II

No, they don't go together.

But they both happened this week, and both happenings- Michael Jackson untimely death, and the hyped opening of Transformers II- were both awful, disgusting and heartbreaking.

1) Awful: Michael Jackson was dying (or already dead) when the ambulances came to his home. Yet, as they were leaving, the vehicles had to slow down to avoid hitting the paparazzi, swarming already like vultures around the gate of the home where Michael was renting.

Transformers II was the movie that my godson, David, wanted to see for his birthday. Along came the neighboring girls and off we all went to the theater. After paying that money, the two little girls got sick because of too much cake and candy and the length of the movie. Transformers II is loud, vulgar, and most horrid of all, not very interesting. It's boring.

2)Disgusting: All the tributes from hangers on and assorted spaced out celebrities and gossip sites for Michael Jackson just smelled of sick. Where were these people when he obviously spent far, far too much, when he was cutting up his handsome brown face, when his relationships with children veered in the appearance of impropiety? Oh, right they were part of the crew, simply sucking in the aura of beauty that Michael brought everywhere, sucking in his money and favors.

Transformers II is incredibly gross. There's really bad character design and execution ( the robots should not look that complex at all to transform) incredibly crude language, girls who look a bit too put together to be in an action flick, and horrid of all jive talking, cursing robots who was supposed to comic relief but instead fall flat.

2) Heartbreaking: Michael was supposed to do a series of concerts in London this summer, hopefully reinventing himself once again, hopefully pulling the magic out his hat. No more. Read this by Andrew Sullivan about Michael here.

Transformers II took $60 of our money, and now we wont get it back :(.

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Airborne Toxic Event

Something must be in the air.

Over the past couple of weeks, the people of Iran decided to vote, the Governor of South Carolina lost his damn mind, an dwe are ever inching towards some sort of Healthcare.

Also, I have a new band to obsess over. Look at the title.

You people need to tell me about this stuff. Really, as your resident blipster I need to be told these things!

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Sunday, June 7, 2009


After a great deal of heat, we have returned to cooler, damper weather here i Portland. Not that this is unwelcome; indeed, the respite to enjoy mildly warm weather while biking or walking or running is welcome.

What is even more welcoming is finisnhing my spec doc script- it's two pages from being revised and posted. Now, to money making....

A great movie to see on a day like is Up- the unlikely adventure of an older gentleman with a Wilderness Scout and a dog with a talking collar. A summation will not do it justice. Just go see it.


Monday, June 1, 2009

We kill that we do not like

Dr. George Tiller, a medical provider who also performed abortions, was assassinated yesterday,in his church allegedly by a rabid anti-abortion, super right winger who had previously had a history of violence.

This is our country- the ugly, crappy side of it we have been seeing for few months- the race baiting, the gay hating, the ignorance loving, the selfishness and greed, the embrace of stupid hypocrisy.

This ugliness will only get worse, I think. Some of these people want some one to get shot, someone to pay for their perceived lot in life, and the all the pale,soft, sweaty shysters on tv and radio who feed into resentments and fear and greed will continue to get richer.