Friday, May 29, 2009

Stork and Owl

Have a great Friday!

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On Prop 8

When Prop 8 passed, I was deeply surprised, and disgusted. It was similar in spirit and intent as the constitutional ban here in Oregon. So, it was with some trepidation I awaited the judgment on whether Prop 8 should be overturned.

As you all know, it was not overturned- and for good reason. When things are present to a vote as part of the process of representation, people have the right to choose the best choice open to them, however abhorrent. After reading the judgement, I can see where the judges where coming from. When this was frame as the will of the people, you cannot simply overturn the proposition simply because the process is imperfect.

This, in a small nutshell, is what is wrong with California's initiative process. Instead of having proportional representative democracy, you have the tyranny of the majority bullies. This is why you have California bankrupt, again, because of Prop 13, in which a majority of Californians will not pay proportional taxes, while at the same time voting all sort of services in for themselves.

It's not really state democracy, where there is discussion and consensus and a reasoned vote. States that do that- Iowa, Connecticut, Massachusetts and soon New Hampshire, D.C. and New York- don't have the self serving, self centered sort of majority government,and don't have as many funding problems ( not to say that these states are not financially hurting.) Discussion and consensus is necessary

I think the key to fixing Prop 8 is to acknowledge the overall problems in the initiative process itself, to acknowledge the blatant class discrimination at various levels for gay/lesbian partnerships (there are severe medical and tax implications that are not present for straight partners at all) and to acknowledge a larger sense of community. For so long California has been associated with individualism and freedom- now it's associated with conformity and repression of civil rights. I think that consensus and understand the differences in one's community will go a long way in getting Prop 8 overturned.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Old Star Trek made to look like New Star Trek

Thousand times funnier if you have seen the new film:

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Oh, that's what I am now

Ladies and Gents, I had no idea that my lifestyle had a particular name for it, but here it is: I am a black hipster, or hey, you can call me a blipster.

You may read more here, at The Root.

Read and weep, my friends. It's a whole new kind of funky.

*PS, we used to be called bohos, actually.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Angels and Demons- Sci Fi film?

I saw Angels and Demons with my friend Michael yesterday. We agreed it was beyond silly, but it was quite entertaining nonetheless. The art direction was lovely, and Ron Howard’s use of themes of fire, circles of completion, mute statues and swirling people and history was quite affecting, and raised the film aesthetically higher than Da Vinci Code.

Then I got to thinking, as is my want, and thought about one of the central plot points in the film- the use of a supercollider ( at CERN ) to generate anti-matter (!) . The potential for antimatter- for good or ill, is one of the pivots upon which the film turns. The speculative nature of science itself duels with the power of faith and is the very underpinning of the mystery.

This is science fiction folks- real science fiction, and not the allegorical, speculative stuff we saw with relaunched Star Trek. Not since, I dunno, 2010, ( released in 1984 or 1986, I think) have we seen really inspired, real science based science fiction . No laser guns, no (discernable) aliens, no green women but an informed sense of where technology is now and where it could go and the ramifications, both materially and spiritually.

So yes, A & D is a bit flawed. But so is religion, and science, and all of humankinds’ endeavours. If there is only one true sci-fi film you could see this year, I do recommend Angels and Demons.

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Friday, May 15, 2009

So far, so hard work

I have been working on this film scheme for about 2 months full blast now, after working on possible scripts for abut another 4 months. Now comes the truly hard part of the whole enterprise: getting money to fund principal photography and to have post production done. In the meanwhile, I have been looking for work to fund this - most likely something very short term, 4 months. We shall see.

In the meanwhile I had an interview with a company today, but I could not find the bloody office for a good 30 minutes. A comedy of errors; I went away, bruised and pissed that sucjh lovely day was wasted looking for an office I did not want to work at anyways! Stay lost, office! Stay lost!

So I did the reasonable thjing and went to the mall, where i was invited to apply for a couple of jobs. Ugh, working at the mall- very regressive, indeed! All I need is bubble gum and attitude hair and I could back working at Albee Square in Brooklyn.

Instead of drowning in drink, I will go to the gym.


You will notice I did not gush about the movies that came out. Well, here it is:

X Men Origins:Wolverine - Should have been so much better. I want my money back. Even if I got to see Hugh Jackman's beautiful flesh.

Star Trek (revamped) - Not bad, but no morals, and a surprising nihilism. But hey, we got to see Leonard Nimoy, who manages to outclass everyone and looks downright cuddly. And then there is Zoe Saldana, who is going to be a super star.

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009


No, she really does.

I have put up the my new blog for my company! It's, so go check it out. IN the upcoming week there will snippets of script, my bike film proposal and more! I figured that my business show have it's own space instead of boring all of you with my stuff here!

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