Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy (Belated) New Year!

So, happy New Year to all of you! I have been snowbound, then done under by a nasty cold that turn into bronchitis, so I have done much blogging about being in the rainy city lately.

So, what's new?

Ah, yes, the world biggest Ponzi scam, headed by Bernie (to his friends) Madoff. Much has been spewed about this fellow, who basically cheated some incredibly rich people out of their largesse. I would enjoy this immensely- okay, I'll be real, I have been enjoying this immensely- but there is the matter of many Jewish non-profits and NGOs who work for peace, alleviating suffering and doing good works for culture have been hurt, sometimes fatally so. A French aristocrat offed himself. European banks have suffered seriously ad must know answer questions from seriously pissed off shareholders. And the SEC, who was warned about Madoff's fund by quite a few economists, has revealed themselves to be protectors of scammers from investors ( that would be you and me and our 401k/IRAs).

This, along with the recession, the slow but steady collapse of our banking system, the outright stealing of our taxes by businesses who did not know f**k all what they were doing (otherwise know as a government rescue)- ah, but 2008 was so very instructive, was it not? It was if we were all asleep, lulled by lies and illusions of consequence free wealth, of cheap money lent to us at low interest so some of us can live it up, and why, the dream was yours if you just worked harder....took more sacrifices....went without healthcare or guarantee of anything...

2009 can only better and brighter.



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