Wednesday, February 27, 2008

On Kosovo and On Printemps

So, still sick. The sunshine mocks me, I swear. I feel like Typhoid Mary, with unending sickness.

I went back to work, and just chilled out. Sometimes work can be the most peaceful place to recover from an illness. For most part, it's quiet, with light music, understanding colleagues who will get you tea and sympathy. Only thing, you can't have a deep sleep- but hey, naps count.

During a restorative break I read an letter that was written by the Prime Minister of Serbia protesting the independence of Kosovo, saying in part:

"Recognizing the unilateral declaration of Kosovo’s independence from Serbia legitimizes the doctrine of imposing solutions to ethnic conflicts. It legitimizes the act of unilateral secession by a provincial or other non-state actor. It transforms the right to self-determination into an avowed right to independence. It legitimizes the forced partition of internationally recognized, sovereign states.

It violates the commitment to the peaceful and consensual resolution of disputes in Europe. It supplies any ethnic or religious group that has a grievance against its capital with a playbook on how to achieve its ends. It even resurrects the discredited cold-war doctrine of limited sovereignty. "

How convient. No mention of the abuse of Kosovo Albanians- the torture, rape and murder ( what we call lynching here in America), no mention of the history of this abuse, or how Yugoslavia came about. Well, wait, here's this:

"Recognizing Kosovo means saying, in effect, that Serbian democracy must be punished because a tyrant — one who committed heinous deeds against the Kosovo Albanians in the 1990s — was left unpunished. Such misplaced revenge may make some feel better, but it will make the international system feel much worse."

Sorry. Tyrants do not arise out of a vacuum. Milosevic was indeed a monster, but there were many thousands more than willing to follow his lead. Were they outed? Were they punished? Did Kosovo Albanians get a chance to tell their torturers, to their face, that they were criminals, with the support of other Serbians at their side?

Onwards, Kosovo, onwards. You are surrounded by bullies and by the not so friendly hegemon Russia.

Finally, to make the sickness feel a bit shorter, the bulbs are starting to bud out of the ground and the snow crocus are already out. Sweet!

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

On Louis Farrakhan and Barack Obama

There are those African American 'leaders' who become the favorite bogeymen for the American Media, and top amongst those is Louis Farrakhan.

To disagree with Andrew Sullivan, Farrahkhan is not the equivalent of David Duke- he does not work in a framework where there is acceptable, needful hatred in which to maintain a status quo. But he is preach to the bottom, money skimming, hate-filled
bullshitter who appeals to very desperate, very poor and very angry african americans who have gotten a rotten deal out of life. As someone who grew up in Cenral Brooklyn, I had seen what Nation of Islam has done for many people. Many people that I knew in Nation of Islam gave up their drug habits, got an education, and became steady, hardworking people who had pride in themselves. Unfortunately, that pride came with a steady dose of anti-Israel, anti Jewish garbage and plenty of strange racist fictions ( some of which were copied, word for word, from Klan friendly texts!)

So, part of being an African American in this country is tolerance- amongst that Louis Farrakhan and his ilk. To denouce Nation of Islam and Farrakhan is also to denouse people in vatrious African American communities who have been helped by nation of Islam missionaries to get off the drugs, to get educated and skilled in a job, to take care`of their children.

Yet, Barack Obama does not need the blessing of Louis Farrakhan nor the Nation of Islam. He does not need some old, irrevelant man trying to tie himself to his coattails. And again, to disagree with andrew Sullivan, he does not need to denouce him.

He simply needs to say "We don't need the support of Louis Farrakhan, when we have each other."

By the way, I thought Obama's response about how he wouldn't be there without the groundbreaking work of hardworking Jewish Civil rights leaders was lovely.

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Oscars! Nader! Hacking Cough!

Rather low key, I think. Am disappointed that "There will be Blood" did not win for best direction and best picture, but this was made up by Best actor and Best Cinematography. And let's hear for "Falling Slowly"from "Önce",a truly romantic, lovely film, who won against Disney's "Enchanted"{who frankly should not been nominated, since it seemed to be ripoffs of their great '90's hits (in particular,
Little Mermaid) Just rather cool.

Ol' Ralphie Nader is running, yet again, for President. There will be many who vote for him, because his views and values align with theirs. There will be many in Portland who will vote for him. FOr me, I like Ralph Nader as he was- as a excellent advocate for consumer products. Along with many others ( such as Consumers Union) they made companies and our goverment responsible for our safety when using products. For that, he must be respected.

But unlike Hillary, who asks Americans to work hard to secure a national economic peace and a strong dewfense, or Barack who asks for moderation of views and willingness to work together as a people, Ralph simply asks lefties to be vain, to be self congratulatory about their views. He does not call for the commons to band together, to help each, to find solutions together. He is great anti, anti, anti and nothing pro.

And finally- yes, my hacking, doisgusting cough has returned. Please Lord, what have I done?

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The past week- Whoa!

1) So, #1 crush Obama won, yet again, in Wisconsin. Go Badgers! Michelle Obama being rather thoughtless- well, she obvious does not have her husband's gift for rhetoric. She's a sweetheart, though, and many people undertsood the meaning behind what she well as undertsand it is an non-issue. The same with supposed dinner meeting

2) We had the eerie Luna Eclipse, where there was darkness and a strange orange glow lighting up the sky, with the tell tale pinpricks of the stars shining through.

3) I got another damned cold, again, and am coughing like a TB patient, yet again! Arrgh!

4) The State GOP is in serious financial trouble- yikes! So what does his mean for many of our small towns in the state who do depend on the not crazy wing of the Republican party to represent their interest in the state capitol and in Washington? Gordon Smith can only do so much, after all!

5) Am still awaiting the job shakedown. Am still awaiting an answer from DC. I would love to move to DC- less displacement- but I would miss the milder climate and the fine food and drink.

6) Am almost complete with second rewrite of Cicero. Seperate post on that. It's the last 3 days of his - down from 10- and I made teh ation and his subsequent exceution a bit sharper. The Great Polictician, cut down by his own relunctance to see change in the wind- a bit appropiate, yes?

7)The Oscars are tomorrow! Yay! I have Michael Clayton so I will watch that in the afternoon while doing laundry, then sushi, miso soup, greens and tea for a healthful Oscars party!

And what's this? More Americans giving up golf? It's a good walk spoiled, said Twain. And it's true- you walk through an exquisite green, just to hit a little ball. Silly!

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Now, Obamify your language!

Now, you too can Obamify your language!

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Your Pet's Poo

Places where you should not leave fecal matter:

1) On the living room floor

2) Next to the Nordstroms in downtown

3) In Pioneer Courthouse Square

4) In most park paths

So, pet owners, please do your part and clean up after your companions. Really, it's rude.


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I drink your milkshake*

Really, that what Obama should be saying at this point to Mrs. Clinton.

""You see, Hillary, you win one state here. But I win all these states around you.

I drink your milkshake!!!"

Hillary Clinton will be campaigning hard in Texas, Ohio and Pennsylvania. I mean, really hard. Of course, this all doesn't count ( according to the Clinton machine)but by golly, he is not drinking her milkshake, he is gobbling it all down.

*Movie Reference: There will be Blood.

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Yet another dead biker

Damnit all.

A biker was hit by Murray and 185th here in Beaverton yesterday evening. apparently, it was a student at Beaverton High School that was hit by a Trimet bus.


I am so sick of this. That corner is dangerous period for buses, pedestrians, cars- you have it. Yes, there is a the loud, blinking lights, but there are often power failures, and the lighting leaves much to be desired.

So much for bike friendly.

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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Writer's strike- almost over!

One of the things I have done in my very short life was to write a screenplay for Star Trek: NG and have it politely rejected. What made this awesome was that I had it registered with WGA, which made a dues paying member. I have also also written short one acts and other screenplays that no sane producer would ever bring to the screen. After all, who would produce an alternative universe steam punk Western? Or a musical set to Latin styled R&B?

Nonetheless, I am a member of WGA west, adn I have made money as a reader/editor,and so I wait with baited, purply prosed breath for the writers strike to be over so I can start hustling again, starting with a possible documetry ( have to strike up funding) and a stage play about Cicero ( more relevant than you think in these strange times). I am finikshing the structures up and should be done in 3 weeks (insane!) which means I can hit the streets again.

and if you are a producer, and you are interested in a steam punk Western or a new musical, then hey, gimme a call.

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A grown person's reason for not choosing Mrs. Clinton

Now, you should always for someone, instead of voting against- logic and reasoning bears out a positive better than a negative.

But in this very close election, there are plenty of reasons to not vote for Mrs. Clinton. I gave my reasons as listing what Mrs. CLinton was for- goverment intereference, not help, top down corporate style bureaucracy and over-expansion ofo goverment powers. But there are those who have an even more exhaustive list of why to not vote for Mrs. Clinton- much of stemming from her husband's disgraceful conduct during his second term. However, Mrs. Clinton unfortunately had her hand in all this.

Take with a grain of salt- and a big glass of beer:

link to dialogue blog

Basically, as the person says, a comprehensive dirty laundry list. I had to forgive alot of his stuff, but I promise you, the Republicans will not. Next to this, Obama is truly a boy scout,a dn Edwards would have been a saint.

One Eight Year old's reason for choosing Obama

Now, the voting age is 18 years old here in America, but I remember my parents used to ask me who I would vote fr. As it was, I said I would vote for Reagan. They were horrified.

Now, fast forward about 22 years, and my eight year old godson Thomas is very interested in the presidental election. What kid wouldn't be? It is like a a giant game of YU-Gi-Goh, only the consequences are very, very real!

So, I asked Thomas- "Who would you select as President, Thomas? would be Mr. Obama or Mrs. Clinton? You have to choose who YOU like, Thomas, not what Daddy or Mommy or Auntie likes.""

Thomas said"Obama!"

"Really?"I said. "tell me the reasons why you would choose Mr. Obama."

Here are thomas reasons for choosing Mr. Obama:

1) He seems very popular,and people seem happy to see him.

2) He's alway smiling. He looks happy, and to be a good president you have to be happy.

3) He seems really smart.

4) He's very handsome.

Ï blinked at my little boy for a few moments.

"So, that's it, Thomas? That's why Obama should be president?"

"Yes! Obama!"

I am horrified, of course- and remember I am an Obama supporter. Now, I understand my parents bit more. Yikes!

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Friday, February 8, 2008

Almost codeine free and how to make money fast

So, I have been sick like a dog since the week before Christmas, and I have been through two courses of antibiotics ( I had a infection in the lymph nodes as well as congestion problem in the lungs) and have been downing goverment sponor codeine to control the pain of coughing.

I have driven my poor sup mad with my constant calling in. Yeah, it's goofy, but hey, I do care abourt causing pain to others. But now, one last antibiotic pill, and two last doses of codeine syrup, and I will be codeine free! Yay! See, another thing I have in common with Obama- except I dislike the feeling of being high. No, really.

I have been walking Snowy without feeling I would die. And I am actually working at work, instead coughing, staring out into space and drinking tea. Being productive is a good thing, no?

So, a fun political story: Senator Clinton said she lent money to her campaign, to keep her going.$5 million of her personal fortune! Why, some of her staffers were going to go without pay! Yikes! But then, the Obama people were like, "Oh, no, we mus keep up, let's match it! We must raise $5 million to match! Send money hrough the website"

In about 14 hours the Obama campaign raised 7.5 million. That's insane. INSANE.What even more insane is that I contributed!

The lesson is, if you are broke, ask people for a dollar or twenty. You will not have issues with utility bills ever again.

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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Obama wins 11; Clinton wins 9 in lead with CA

In short:

Obama with 11 states- many of them wih 'white' majority states and independent voters. As of now, he has 531 delegates ( that may change by morning). Mrs clinton with nine states, and the plum prize of California, with 626 delegates.

First: Holy cow. I had not expected Obama to do so well. Honestly. And he did well in the places you would assume he would not do well in- Idaho, Colorado, Nevada. He did really well. And no, he did not win Cally, but you know- he won 11 states, plus winning or coming close in the early primaries.

Second: This is going to be a slog to the finish. any and all nasty tricks that either side have used is finished. I hope that is the case, anyways. It is now down to policy implementation, temperament and ability show oneself a leader of a nation, and not merely a CEO.

Third: Hillary gave a triumphant speech in New York City, as she should have. It was a hard won fight. However, Obama lead his with sympathy with our fellow citizens through a tornado. No mention of it from Hillary- but she may have not been aware. another thing: Hillary Clinton's signs are all about 'Hillary' Obamas signs were all about "Change".

Fare well to the flesh, darlings- tomorrow, we fast!

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Monday, February 4, 2008

Obligatory Super Mardi Gras!


So here is the obliogatory Super Tuesday moaning- but this year, comes with an element of the Carnivale! 'Farewell to the flesh', darlings, eat and drink- for tomorrow is the fast.

Speaking of a Carnivale atmosphere, my word- Barack Obama. It is as if he is the very essence of spring- there are people ringtoning to him, listen to his speeches in the background at workplaces and people are writing songs and music inspired by Barack's message to the people.

Yes, music! Holy cow, when was the last time people were so moved that they wrote an ode to a president? I remember, rather dimly, tehre were some really good songs for Ronald Reagan in the New York Republican party singalongs ( no, I am not kidding) but nothing since, say, FDR. Maybe.


And, my goodness:

Making Fired Up, Ready to Go

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Wow. Damn. The music presentation just work their way into your heart. This whole Obamamania- it may be just that. Or it may be a reminder that we need to b ebe the change that we would see in our world, and we need desperately, desperately need to celebrate that. For my friends who live in the super Tuesday states, i have already preached to you. Go vote, then celebrate the change for good that is in your soul.

Well, enough of mushy political stuff- well, just one more: The Oregonian, the grand lady of Oregon, endorsed Barack Obama. We don't vote until May!

So- I am for Obama. You, dear reader, have already read my reasons. But here is one more thing- even if Senator does win the candidacy- the DNC knows that they can't ram The Machine,and the same old BS as usual simply won't fly. And please, dear friends, you are not gonna vote for McCain, even though he is crazier than heck and has a coolness factor of 10. We will support HRC, because she is freaking smart.

But celebrate the change for good in yourself.

Si, se puede!

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