Sunday, November 23, 2008

Quantum of Solace

Oh, my God.

I loved, loved this film.

First, let me get the objections out of the way: no, it's not as comic, not as jokey, Daniel Craig is too pale, blond, blue eyed, the music kinda sucks, there's too little sex, and the villain and it's organization is a little too close to reality.

Okay, so there are your objections. The thing is, the objections make this film. This is a Bond re-imagined and re-booted, re-imagined into the 21st century, where the clownish villains actually did fly planes into the World Trade Center, actually did cause the destabilisation of the worlds largest democracy and they really are an shadow organisation no one can quite get a hand on.

Such a person will still be a drinker, still be a seducer- and yet still has a soul- enough of one to feel anger and need for revenge, still enough of a soul to be able to hold someone as they slowly die. Such a person would have trouble sleeping.

The plot picks up directly after Casino Royale- with a chaotic, thrilling car chase and then proceeds to London, Haiti, Bolivia, Austria and back, again to Bolivia. It is a brilliant story of revenge, corporate villainy and masking, with pulse pounding action standing for the sex.

( Judi Dench looked hot, as did Olga Kurylenko and Gemma Atterson, but the most erotic scene was between Bond and Felix ( Jeffery Wright) a whispered, frantic, insulting questing of information. Goodness. )

The plot: Picking up after Casino Royale, Mr. White is delivered to be questioned, but there are moles which allow for his escape and the near assassination of M. We follow Bond as he falls into following Dominic Green, head of Greene Planet and member of the shadow organisation Quantum- who are interested in Bolivia for a precious substance- but it's really not what you think.

I won't bog you down with specifics- but I will say that the way the plots twist a nd turns is rather pleasant and again, reflective of our new century, where the clowns and our government do business together.

So: Not enough sex, and the girls names are corny. The violence is brutal. But the plot is brilliantly internalised, and the action well focused outward. Humor is subtle and it is there, seamlessly in the grounding the movie itself ( if you know opera, there is a scene that will make you giggle for days). Judi Dench is hot. So is Daniel Craig, and Olga K.

Go see it. No, really, go see this!


Post, Post, Post

It is post election, but not post Bush- not quite yet. Things seems to have a long way to go.

So, what to do? People are in the shops, but they are not buying as they did- only looking. The it bags in Macy's and Nordstrom's look stupid and overdesigned, as they always were. Somehow, paying $500 for a pair of shoes does not make any sense. And sure, to buy a $300 dress is not so bad... provided you can wear it at least 10 times. It would seem that disposable clothing, cheap and chic, is done for now, as is overpriced, overlabeled "luxury" goods.

Then there is buying a home- it was annoying before, but now it is truly a pain in the behind- never mind qualifying for a home loan, but will your bank be around to service the debt? Will your job be around to take care of you?

And yet, why do I feel so optimistic?

Maybe it is because a lot of the nonsense that people have been fed have now come home to roost, and people are a bit more caring, a bit serious about their lives. I know that I am a bit more grave and introspective. With this new job, film project and new year, I know that I am post cynical.

We are not post polictics, post Kumbaya. But we are post easy , post stupid, post lazy.

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Obama is 44th.

Obama did it.

Barack Obama is the 44th President of the United States.

He did it- no, somehow the United States did it.

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