Thursday, September 4, 2008

On Rudy

And what was with Rudy Guilani's crack about Barack Obama being raised by a 'cosmopolitan' parent?

Rudy Giulani, who was a member of the Opera Club in college, who has dressed in drag,who speaks French and Spanish and Italian, who has had extramarital sex with many a dame in New York City, despite his Italian Catholicism?(Rudy was once sex on wheels.) Rudy Guilani, who was elected by a very broad coalition of people in New York, black and Jew and Italian and Gay?

What was with Rudy's nasty contempt of Barack's community organising background? Rudy's a lawyer, for chrissakes; one of the most successful prosecutors in all of Southern New York. If anyone understands preyed on communities and communities taking back their streets, it would be Rudy.

I'll tell you what Rudy was doing: He was playing dog whistle politics; the politics of division and cultural values, which, as as an cultured Italian American, he does not even believe in! Sorry, folks, Rudy's from Queens, and he smells of garlic and basil, and he went to one of the finest law schools in the country. Yeah, he was a mayor, like Sarah Palin- but of one the largest metropolises in the world. Ruling New York City is like ruling a City State- and Rudy was our Italian Prince, Our New Cosmo.

He is not like you- in fact, he is quite superior to you.

While Rudy can sell that roast to those Republicans, look carefully at his face when the crowd starts with "drill, baby, drill". His look of amused shock that such language would erupt.

Oh, Rudy- I am so disappointed. You were our Italian Prince; to see you playing to these small minded, smug, foolish people is utterly painful.

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