Tuesday, August 19, 2008

And now, a word from Mikhail Gorbachev


So now, port wine stain himself, Mikhail Gorbachev, is now the mouth piece of the Soviet Union, er Russia! Yay! Hereis the illuminating artcle here at The Old Grey Lady (NYT).

The jist of the article is:

1) Georgia was the attacker;

2) It's the West's fault for supplying aid and weapons ( otherwise known as trade) to the Georgian goverment;

3) Russia is powerful and rich and should still be in the G8 and should be included in the WTO. If Russia is 'isolated', then who cares, because Russia is rich, anyways!

4) The Commision had better say nice things about working with Russia, or else, somebody's gonna get hurt?!


After reading the article, you just have to shake your head and giggle. Really. Who does Gorbachev think he is? The former head of the Soviet Union, that's who! At one time, he and his sucessors could summon umpteen millions in land war. That was when hey countrolled all the different stans, and Ukraine, and Poland, all the rest. Now, all those people want their own states and own determination, and would not give a flying rat's toot if Russia needed umpteen millions to defend Moscow. I would doubt the Russian speaking South Ossetians would give a right damn.

Gorbachev's article read like the particularly spoilt, arrogant rejected suitor:

"Hunh! I'll show her!"

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