Monday, July 28, 2008

The Old Neighborhood

People often ask me about good old Bed Stuy and Crown Heights, where I grew up. I always tell them it was a tight knit place where people where the working poor to struggling to achieve middle classes. There was tons of crime- but you were not involved in it, there was also churches, mosques, even a synagogue or two, parks to play in and stoops to sit on. There were also shops and a full, lively culture that was distinct from the rest of New York.

The New York Times, who has only recently discovered Brooklyn as being worthy to cover since it's upper class readerships 'discovered' Brooklyn as a 'affordable' place to live, has an interesting article on the development of Brooklyn as a 'hipster' and the issues that come from a community that long neglected and used as a dumping ground. Sorry, $1,700/month rent will not shield you from the public housing folks who hate you and your freedom of choice. If it any comfort ( and it's not) no amount of money can shield you from the world, media blathering notwithstanding.

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