Monday, June 16, 2008


So, we have had hints of sun, followed by snow in the mountains! and plenty of drizzle- but look now, there are strawberries in the market. No, not the California strawberries, although they are lovely in a pinch. I mean the tender, juicy ones from here in Oregon, so very tender that once they are ripe, they must be processed or eaten right away- they simply do not hold. I will buy several lovely pounds and simply eat them out of pint box. And, perhaps, maybe, I will make a jar or two of jam, for the winter, maybe even flavoring them with rose petals, to remind of sun and rain and warmth.

I will share with you the rose-strawberry jam and of course, midsummer's cake, with strawberries, almond cream and whipped cream.

Yay! Strawberries!

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