Thursday, May 29, 2008

Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull- No spoilers!

So, saw Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull. In a word, wonderful!

It has everything you like about the series- gorgeaous cinematography, overscored soundtrack, great special effects, a funnily names villian, smart assed sidekicks and yes, Karen Allen ( looking utterly beautiful).

The story takes place at the beginning of the 1950s, with growing homegenity and communist scares, and Indiana Jones finding himself nearly forgotten along with the artifacts he has helped unearthed. An eerie, breathless and slightly bittersweet adventure follows, with a lovely, sweet ending which is perfect capper to this series.

Go see it!


Friday, May 23, 2008

Basta, Hillary Clinton, Basta!

No, really, it will be he last, unless there is a nuclear incident.

Obama won Oregon as expected this past Tuesday ( yes, I volunteered in the final weeks of the campaign.) Now, it really does look like he is the nominee all in name, and the Democratic Party leaders seems to be indulging in busy, frantic inertia when decisive action is needed.

Today, though, with Hillary's thoughtless remark about things happening in June, and yesterday's comparision of the election to the horrors of Zimbabwe, is simply enough. Basta! Enough already.

I am done. She has lost all of her dignity and grace.

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hard workin' white americans! Yay!


So, a few months ago when Hillary Clinton was campaigning in Califora and Masscheutts and New York New Jersey- places with about a hundred places of higher learning, plenty of post industrial wealth and a lot of influence- she praised those who had an education but were trying to make ends meet.

Well, apparently, those people mean nothing now. They are eggheads and African Americans and Latinos and of course, they aren't real Americans. No, the truly real Americans are thos ewho live in Appalachia- you know, the people who happen to be up in these last primaries.

I am happy that the good people of West Virginia and Kentucky chose Hillary ( not all, but many). I just wish that there was honesty when they tell reporters that they are not voting for Barack Obama because he is a Muslim, or has Muslim roots, or his pastor. When you see these poeple on the TV, you can see from their expressions that they are lying. Hey, people lie when they get down on their knees and pray at church, so lying to reporters is not a stretch. But be honest, and say that you are a racist, and that you would rather be out of a job or making minimum wage or have crap Federal goverment then to ever, ever, BUT EVER, vote for a half- black man.

And if this is Hillary Clinton's victory, she is welcome to it.

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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Ironman - the movie! NO Spoilers!

So, I saw Ironman last friday, because it wa sthe beginning of the Fun, Dumb and Loud Movie season. But hey, I was pleasantly surprised; the movie was not only a good excuse to munch through popcorn, but even had a kernel of morality and soul.

Robert Downey Jr's executes and projects the role of Tony Stark, hard rocking gearhead Billionaire and Playboy. His introduction in the startling, sour and topical beginning set this old comic hero very much in the present. There's Jeff Daniels as Obdiah ( a creepy, sleazy performance) Terrance Howard ( the sidekick ) and the Gynweth Paltrow, who somehow gives a lyrical, Katherine Hepburnesque grace to all the penis compensating imagery and talk.

The plot is that of unintented and unknown consequences, centered around a person who seems to be a tourist in his own life. It is one of the most adult Superhero movies I have seen, despite the party boy gloss.

Go see it.


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Burned Bridges

Not my article, but I wish I had the talent to write it: Burned bridges, from The Guardian.

An elegant analysis of why the primary in NC and Indiana went down the way that it did.

Oh, my god, bed.

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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Pure Election Related Siliness

So, this week I did look for temp jobs and also worked for the Obama campaign. I made phone calls to Guam- Go Guam! Also, I will be canvassing my neighborhood this eek for the campaign tomorrow- we should have fine weather, and today I am laid up with a clogged up right ear.

I saw 'Ironman' last night- review on a separate post.

Here is some silliness for you:

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