Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Gloria Steinem and the Whine


I knew it! Hilary Clinton did win well in New Hampshire! Huzzah! I knew she would- she needed that loss in Iowa in order to do well in New Hampshire. Yes, I know sounds crazy and cruel, but Mrs. Clinton really did need to not be so hectoring and arrogant and realise that the Democratic Nomintion was not hers by right, but hers if she chose to really fight for it and prove herself to the people. Before, the message you got was that she was owed the nominationn because she was the best. Now, the message is that she is willing to show why she could be best for the people. A HUGE difference.

And congrats to Obama- 2% points is very close indeed.

Whether my man Edwards? Keep Strong, Edwards, keep going!


Gloria Steinem wrote a rather bitter, sour graping article in the Op- ED today in the New York Times. Thanks goodness that Hillary won tonight to show Gloria she is full of crap. the tone was that of far too many sorority girls I went to school with, who were more than willing to use class privilege when ever they wanted- just like a man- but were shocked, positively shocked, when they actually had to claw their way to the top- like a man. Or like many women of color in this country.

She made a clumsy and pathetic attempt to switch gender and then say Obama would not be as sucessful if he was a woman. Apparently, Gloria is not very much into popular culture at all, and did nopt realise the drafting efforts for Oprah Winfrey last year.

Gloria Steinem has written a classist, embarrasing, and frankly behind the time article. She underestimates the strength of Hillary Clinton, and also discounts the passions of the American people.

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